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I write for the same reason I breathe.


These are amazing. End of story.


Critiquing? Moi? Wonders never cease. Aaand off we go. (I really do hate these star rating things. They're really not quantifiable at a...




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It has been one year, three months, and twenty-three days since the last time I saw you. I do not remember what it feels like to have your hands on my body. I do not remember what it feels like to not love you. I do not know which scares me more.


When I last left you, autumn was descending on both of our continents, on both sides of our ocean. You cupped my face in your palms and pressed your mouth to mine like a prayer. Or perhaps it was a plea: Please don’t forget me. Please don’t forget this. Please wait for me. Please.
The security guards at the airport, already numb to the tear-stained cheeks of young girls, told me that I must have my hair out of my eyes so the cameras could recognize me.
I blinked and forced the corners of my lips upward. I did my best.


It is Christmastime now. The air is damp and the wind tears through the city. I am warm and safe here, but dreaming only of brimming arrival gates, and cars teeming down the wrong side of the highway, and always your eyes, deep and dear, never looking away from me.


Hold onto me, I want to say. Pull me down from flight like a tether to the earth. Our bodies must slowly reacquaint themselves with each other, but this is one kind of introduction that I don’t mind.

It’s me, I want to say. I’m coming home.
We are wobbling across the ocean,
three hundred bodies of flesh and muscle and bone and breath,
packed into the gut of a rumbling metal beast.
12,000 feet below,
nebulous jellyfish loop past the inky window.
But instead we are wading through the stars,
the Atlantic shivering in the dark.
She is next to me and afraid of death-
intensely fascinated by our ever-present mortality.
The belly of the beast lurches.
Our hands clasp, our hearts drop.
(I don’t even know you, she says.)
Our pulses jump in time.
A yellow light holds steady, perched on the wingtip.
And on a wing and a prayer,
wholly human,
we are making it.
I love the marks that a woman’s clothes leave on her body. I love the red indents and the proof of a long day before she even opens her mouth.

Tight socks circumventing ankle bones. A watch cutting a bit too tightly around a pulse. The alluringly simple bra straps; wire pressing up into the impossibly soft undersides of breasts; the cryptic clasp nestled between shoulder blades. The imprint of lace and elastic on the taut tender tendon of the inner thigh. The geography of jeans around the hips and trailing along the legs like railroad tracks. The line on her cheek from when she fell asleep on the bus home.

I love the luxurious sigh when it all puddles to the floor, shedding this artificial skin. Remnants of weariness leave whispers on the body.

And after all she has been through, she still comes to me and allows me to trace these whispers with my fingertips, eyes, lips. She doesn't cover herself and doesn't hide and lets me in.

We leave the lights on.
I wrote this a really long time ago, but I've always liked it.
My weary-boned wanderer,
you are solitary in your empty room,
in your unmade bed,
in your hollow heart.

You await the slow orbit of the earth,
the rise and set of the sun
to ease the static in your head.
No more can you be a fighter;
strong, brave, bold, fearless.
You are tired.

Of the undertow,
of the rain,
of the gale.
You are waterlogged and aching.
You want only peace.
You want only rest.

Come sit by me,
blue-eyed and brimming.
Some storms span lifetimes,
yet even a typhoon must rest.

So come sit by me,
your soul a restless sea.
Still your waters, anchor your heart.
Let me harbor you.
For those who are having a rough time. You are never alone. :heart:


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Hello my dears! 

It has literally been half a year since I've posted a journal! As always, thank you so much for the comments/faves/follows. I'm not really active on here anymore, but I appreciate it all from the bottom of my heart. :heart:

A few current life updates: 
:bulletblue: I'm two days away from finishing my first semester of college. It's been busy and strange and interesting, and I have a feeling next semester will be even busier.
:bulletblue: CHRISTMASTIME. :la:
:bulletblue: I'm headed to England on the 26th for two weeks to see this guy.  

I need to ask a huge favor of those of you who have been following me for a while (or even of those of you who are new): what are your favorite five pieces that I've written? Like, ever. Let me know! 

So, what's going on in your lives? Are you excited for the holidays? Any awesome plans with friends and family? I MISS YOU PEOPLE. :tighthug:

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Indigo Skyes
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I read like an absolute maniac. Music is my oxygen. I'm a hope(less) romantic. I love meeting new people and trying new things because there's just so much in life. I will always and forever be figuring things out and there are some things I'll never figure out, but that's okay. I will dance to any kind of music, with anyone, and anywhere. Even if I don't know the lyrics, I'll try to sing along with them at the top of my lungs. My friends are the most wonderful people in the universe. My family puts up with me like no one else, and I love them for it. I believe in magic, love, the impossible being possible, and that everyone has a skeleton or twelve in their closet.
I don't think that I'd like to be anyone else but me.

I measure life in love.

Current Residence: Somewhere over the rainbow
Personal Quote: "I exist as I am, and that is enough." - Walt Witman

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